Guard Monitoring Device

Guard Monitoring & Management solution

Gaurd Tour Device
It is a unique system that enables your facility to monitor the guards and their patrolling. The whole system enables administration to check the extensive details about their visit to different parts of the campus. The reader is encapsulated in a rugged, thick polycarbonate, and special carbon hardened stainless steel construction, ensuring its light weight and durability. The unit is waterproof, and able to withstand being placed under water upto one meter damage. For ultimate power on the go, this system has an internal Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery with 1800 mAh, which can provide over 300,000 reads or 6 months use before a new recharge cycle. The whole system is comprised of guard touring reader, location tags, user and events tags. Data is downloaded to tours management software, to generate reports and data analysis.

Biometric Monitoring & management Systems , 
At Acktron we have devised biometric solution where in man-proxy and the absentees can easily be monitored and managed. In this Case waterproof Biometric readers are installed at designated areas and connected with Management Control Room to effectively track and manage the Guards. This system also effectively keeps the unverified Guards away from the facility-A very effective tool with respect to Planed criminal activity or negligence by security agencies. We have effectively installed and commissioned numerous systems.  We have also installed & commissioned the multi-location Guard Monitoring and Management solutions.

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