Gas suppression Systems

Gas suppression Systems / FM200, Novac, CO2

Acktron offers both pre-engineered and engineered to your requirements fire suppression systems which require little distribution pipe, and engineered FM200/NOVAC/Co2 fire protection systems tailored made/designed for its application. We offer full technical design on FM200/NOVEC systems.

Engineered Fire Suppression Systems are design specific. Engineered systems are usually for larger installations where the system is designed for the particular application. Examples include marine and land vehicle applications, computer clean rooms, public and private buildings, industrial paint lines, dip tanks and electrical switch rooms. Engineered systems use a number of gaseous or solid agents. Many are specifically formulated.

Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems use pre-designed elements to eliminate the need for engineering work beyond the original product design. Typical industrial solutions use a simple wet or dry chemical agent, such as potassium carbonate or monoammonium phosphate (MAP), to protect spaces such as paint rooms and booths, storage areas and commercial kitchens

Gas based Fire Suppressions are suitable agent for normally occupied spaces.  Gas suppression fire suppression systems are commonly used in:-

  • DATA Centers
  • Currency rooms
  • Critical facility rooms
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • UPS Rooms
  • Medical facilities
  • Electrical Panel (usually Co2)

Acktron is committed to protecting your valued assets while providing solutions to meet your fire protection needs: Some of the Fire suppression systems offered are:


Novec is an environmentally acceptable, people compatible, clean agent for vital facilities with a wide range of applications. Novec Fire Protection Fluid suppresses the fire by removing heat energy and interrupting the combustion process.


FM200 fire suppression is also known as HFC227ea.  FM200 is a waterless fire protection system; it is discharged into the risk within 10 seconds and suppresses the fire immediately. FM200 fire suppression is found as an active compound as a propellant in medical inhalers.  This is goes without saying that FM200 gas is extremely safe for occupied spaces with the correct fire suppression design.

Low & High Pressure Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless, odorless, and chemically inert gas that is both readily available and electrically non-conductive. It extinguishes fire primarily by lowering the level of oxygen that supports combustion in a protected area. This mechanism of fire suppression makes CO2 suppression systems highly effective, requiring minimal clean-up, but should be used in normally unoccupied hazard locations or otherwise avoided by personnel when discharged. CO2 suppression systems is a low-cost, non-damaging, non-conductive, multi-hazard protectant. Advantages are

  • Low- and High-Pressure options - meets requirements for large quantities of CO2 or fits small-space requirements
  • Economical than other suppression systems
  • Fast - Smothers fire within seconds
  • Non-Damaging - no residue, no spoilage, no cleanup
  • Non-Conductive - works in applications where water won't

Adaptive - extinguishes virtually every type of combustible material

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